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Max Kaplan

About Me


    • Role at Machado Consulting

      Systems Engineer

    • Websites I Frequent

      Stumbleupon, and various computer related forums.

    • Education

      UMASS Amherst – Computer Engineering – 2 years

      Porter and Chester – Computer Networking – 1 Year

    • Hometown

      Attleboro, Massachusetts



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Max Kaplan

Outside Work

    • Places I've Been

      I’ve had the chance to travel quite a bit: Maine, New York, Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming.

    • Favorite TV Shows

      I love sitcoms like Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and That 70's Show. I like cartoons like South Park and Family. I like the geeky stuff like Dr. Who and the Walking Dead as well.

    • Favorite Movies

      I like action movies like Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman, The Matrix, and Transformers. I’m also a big fan of Office Space.

    • Pets

      I have a cat named Starla and a dog named 13.

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Max Kaplan

Want to know more?

If you've made it this far, you must want to know more!

    • What's on my iPod

      Everything: rap, classic rock, indie, country, dubstep, electronic, punk, and so much more.

    • If I could go anywhere, do anything for a month, I would

      I would travel the world.