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Thanksgiving Food Drive 2018

Food & Toiletries Needed At Our Local Shelters!

Machado Consulting will be donating food and toiletries until the 18th of November to St. John's Food for the Poor right here in Worcester. We'd love to donate as much as possible to those in need and welcome any donations you'd like to send our way.


Cancer Survivor Sip N Chat

Are you a breast cancer survivor who has now completed their treatment?

What happens next? What is your new normal?

Once your treatment is over, and the “support” you receive from friends or loved ones is not as prevalent, how does it feel? For those looking for a place to discuss….


Client Appreciation Night and Open House 2017

We'd like to thank all those who are able to come out and check out our new office! Our goal here at Machado Consulting is in creating long-lasting relationships and this night proved we're on the right track. We're so fortunate to have so many great clients and relationships and we're greatly looking forward to sharing our future of success together!


Close Down Any Yahoo Accounts You Have Now

Yahoo just announced another hack where a whopping 1 billion accounts were hacked which is the largest hack to date. To put that number into perspective, that's enough comprised user accounts to account for 3 times the population of the United States.


St. John's Food for the Poor

It gives us great pride lending a helping hand to the wonderful folks over at the St. Francis Xavier Center, where they provide food for those in need within the community. Machado Consulting will be going every Friday in Decemeber and here's the first batch of pictures!