When your computer freezes or data suddenly disappears, who do you call? While some organizations have an in-house IT department to manage IT, many small businesses are limited due to location, budget and other variables. In the past, organizations would turn to break-fix IT management for all of their technology issues, but trends in IT maintenance have given rise to a more popular and more sustainable way for small businesses to get the technology maintenance and management they need.

Break-fix IT management was largely considered a waste of resources, as it would mean your organization was waiting until your technology was already failing before seeking assistance. This would result in downtime while waiting for someone to resolve the issue, further adding to the cost of the incident.

Preventative managed IT provided by a managed service provider, or MSP, is the better alternative, as it means you are effectively preventing IT issues from becoming problems in the first place. What this does is that it mitigates the possibility of downtime, along with all of its expenses. The problem is that this kind of IT isn’t possible unless you have a team dedicated to making sure that your technology is operating as intended.

Outsourcing this responsibility to a managed service provider is a great way make up for a deficit in your IT management. Some of the services offered by a managed service provider include, but are not limited to:

Simply put, an MSP manages all your technology needs. From implementing a new software or hardware solution or setting up an email account, an MSP will be able to provide assistance with your business’ technology issues and can help you prevent disaster, instead of recovering from it.  

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