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Technology I Am Thankful For...

Those of us that have lived the majority of our adult lives with cell phones do not even think about what we would do without them. We have grown with them and have integrated them into a part of our lives. Those of you that remember what it was like before they existed most likely don’t think about it either but you could get by without them. On the other hand, those that have grown up with a cell phone in their hand might find it a bit more difficult. I don’t know that I would find it easy to live without mine.

Just the other day I was stuck in heavy traffic on my way home and my phone was dead. Without my phone I could not find an alternate route to take, I could not listen to my favorite music which is all on the internet, and I could not even let my girlfriend know that I was running late. We take them for granted but what if you were stuck on the side of the road without a working phone? You may have to walk for miles before finding someone who could help you. It seems that before cell phones existed people just suffered without them but since they had never had one, it didn’t seem all that bad.

I was waiting for the elevator the other day and I decided to pull out my phone and check Facebook while I waited. Another gentleman came up next to me as he was also waiting for the elevator. Once inside he asked me, “What would we do nowadays if we couldn’t stare at our phones while we waited for things?” I agreed as I don’t really know. Imagine standing there waiting for something without being able to look at Facebook or check your email or play that level in Candy Crush you’ve been trying to beat for three weeks. I wouldn’t want to be stuck waiting with nothing to entertain myself.

Have you ever been asked a question and did not know the answer and it just continued to eat away at you until you figured out the answer? This used to happen to me all the time until I got a smartphone. Now I am the king of random facts that you never thought you would need to know, and probably didn’t need to know. When someone asks me a question and I do not know the answer, I know one way to find out. I pull out my phone and go straight to Google. In a matter of seconds I have multiple answers and explanations at my fingertips. I can’t imagine having to wait until I got home to open my laptop and Google the answer from there.

Last, but definitely not least, are text messages. Remember when you had to call people just to ask them a quick question? You would often end up stuck on the phone talking to this person for a long period of time causing you to forget what you were trying to do and even what the answer to your question was. Now you can just send the person a quick text message and they can answer your questions without getting into a lengthy conversation. I have to say I am very thankful for cell phones and do not know what I would do without mine.

Technology I Am Thankful For...
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