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Technology I Am Thankful For...

‘Tis the season to be thankful and recognize the little things that we take for granted in our day to day lives. Everyone reading this article has access to or owns some sort of internet enabled device. This message was never printed and distributed in a hardcopy form so the only way to access it is through a computer. Over the past 15 years the world has shrunk thanks to the internet. With it, we are able to instantly share, collaborate, communicate, and even see live video from people and places all over the world. Without this technology we wouldn’t be able to watch the Panda cam at the National Zoo or check Tokyo’s weather at a moment notice.

The internet doesn’t mean anything unless people like you and I contribute to it. Connecting us all was only the first step; it’s doing something with that connection that makes it all worthwhile. Major news outlets are able to send in live reports to their home stations from anywhere in the world while at the same time a single villager can also live tweet the raid on Osama bin Laden’s home to the entire world. Everything from videos, documents, pictures, and gifts can now be accessed and shared to virtually anyone in the world with just a few simple clicks. It’s what lets businesses communicate instantly with their customers no matter where they are and allows a soldier overseas Skype with his or her family back home. Ideas and opinions are shared on message boards every day between people who otherwise never would have connected.

 Without the invention of the internet our world would not be as it is today. There would be no Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google. Encyclopedias would still be hot commodities and great late night infomercials.  All communication would have to be done on the phone, in person, or by a handwritten letter or note. Thanks to the internet for keeping us all connected and dialed in.

Information Technology Gratitude: Redundancy
Technology I’m grateful for

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