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Helder Machado

President/CEO of Machado Consulting

MC Cloud Sync

Do you wish you had access to your most important files even while outside the office? Do you send/receive large files on a regular basis with your clients? Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing all your files were backed up to the cloud? We hear these requests and cries for help all too often which is why we are now offering a new service, Machado Cloud Sync. With Machado Cloud Sync you will have access to your most important files anytime, anywhere, and from any device. There are even mobile applications for your android or iPhone cellphone.

With Machado Cloud sync you can upload all of your most important files into the cloud for easy access and know that they are in a safe secure location. One of the great features of our service is the ability to share any file in your personal cloud with anyone in the world. Simply log into your cloud account and share the file. A hyperlink is automatically created which can be cut and pasted into an email to send to your colleagues just in time for the big presentation. Machado Consulting Cloud Sync not only makes file sharing easy but we can even customize your entire cloud experience for your company. We offer custom logon pages with YOUR company logo. You’ll even get a custom URL with your company name to help promote your business. We also offer Active Directory synchronization so the same username and password combo you use for your computer and email is what you’ll use to access your personal cloud too!

Did someone accidentally delete that big presentation you’d been working on for weeks? Don’t worry! Machado Cloud Sync defies the laws of physics and allows us to go back in time and recover that document. Did that new office intern spill coffee all over your computer and now it won’t turn on? Rest easy knowing all your important files are waiting in the cloud for you to access them after you clean up the mess! If you’re looking for a simplified file backup solution, look no further. Our Cloud Sync is a hassle free way to copy those critical files to the cloud.

Curious about what else Machado Cloud Sync has to offer? Shoot us an email! We’d love to tell you more and help you run a better, smarter business.

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