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Helder Machado

President/CEO of Machado Consulting

Keep Your Business Efficient During COVID-19

The ongoing situation with COVID-19 is something that Machado Consulting continues to monitor closely. The safety of your employees is of the most importance, but how can you make quick, significant changes to operations without losing efficiency? Machado can help.


We can monitor and protect your IT infrastructure and are always ready to help with any and all IT issues. Neither our capabilities nor our responsiveness declines during stressful times.

A decision that companies might make during a time like this is to have employees work from home. This can be a smart move to prevent the spread of germs, but the decision can be a difficult one for obvious reasons, not the least of which would be the problem of making remote work possible. 

Machado Consulting can help you to implement a company-wide protocol of working from home. Here’s how we help ensure business continuity: 


A tool we use on every computer, called MachadoConnect, allows us to use the device remotely in real-time. Typically, we use this tool when a ticket is submitted to our help desk which allows us to assist a user quickly and efficiently.

We can enable secure remote access to use this tool on any device we manage, and we do it for free. You can then use your at-work device remotely from your device at home. That way, all of your familiar files and applications are accessible from your home, just as if you were sitting in front of your computer at the office.

Portable Devices

A lack of portable devices for employees to take home is one obstacle when moving operations online. Devices like laptops are critical when face-to-face collaboration becomes impossible. Built-in webcams and microphones make video calls a simple and effective communication tool, and full-size keyboards and screens (unlike tablets) make it feel like you never left the office. We are recognized for our strong relationships with our client’s tech vendors, allowing us to help them get the hardware they need.

Preventing Slow Service

We take steps to augment our infrastructure to be able to handle the additional network demands if you have to work from home. We do this in order to fulfill our commitment to stable and uninterrupted service.

Phone Systems

We know how important communication is for business. Our VoIP phone solutions allow you to bring your system home and make calls as if you had never left the office. We also can extend the functionality of your desk phone to your smartphone that works over cellular and WiFi networks.

In summary, Machado Consulting takes steps to ensure the continuity of both our services and the people we serve. We are committed to getting the tools your company needs to successfully migrate from the office to home. As a trusted service provider, we are there every step of the way to help with challenging transitions. We stand by to answer any questions and accommodate any needs you may have.

Allow us to make your business decisions easier. Contact us today or via phone at 508-453-4700, and we would be happy to help

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