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It’s National Clean Your Office Day: Could Your Computer Use a Cleaning?

Today would be a good day to start developing some good habits when it comes to your office cleanliness.  In most cases, your computer is the focal point of your desk and of your day-to-day business activities. It surely should be considered if you are to enter cleaning mode today. A well-organized computer will ensure you’re working up to your capabilities on a daily basis. 

Here’s a couple ideas for your cleaning journey:

  • Run Windows Updates: Windows updates may seem like an annoyance at times, usually when you’re trying to leave for the day and you're stuck waiting for it to shutdown. But it is important to check to ensure you’re up to date for bug fixes and potential vulnerabilities. When doing this on a semi-regular basis, you'll no longer experience these long wait times and can leave for the day feeling secure.

  • Archive Your Email: When’s the last time you archived your email? If you find yourself getting excessive email slowing down you mail client, it may be time to archive. How far back should you archive? Well that’s up to you depending on how many emails you get per day, month or quarter. Use this feature as a way of organizing your mail and keeping your current mailbox size minimal and efficient.

  • Remove Unused or Unwanted Programs: It may surprise you the amount of installed programs you’ve amassed if you haven’t checked in a while. There are times when PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) accompany other programs upon installation without notice. Be sure to check out what you have and what you need to better use your computer’s resources.

  • Monitor, Keyboard and Inside: As with anything, computers can collect dust internally. Not only your keyboard and monitor, but the inside as well. A good cleaning helps the inner workings of your computer and would be a suggested idea to do from time to time, especially if you’re in an area that attracts dust. If you aren't comfortable doing this, we have some more tips here on the subject.

  • Organize Your Files and Folders: Looking for files and folders can be a major loss of time depending on how you have your setup structured. Take the time today to go through your files, much like your tangible documents and folders, to either remove or store in a location to avoid a search mission in the future.

If you feel your computer could use a good cleaning or would like additional information on how to optimize your computer, feel free to fill reach out to us at

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