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Back-to-School Cyber Safety Tips

The back-to-school season is upon us, and many students return to the classroom excited to see their friends, fully charged cellphones in hand.  The luxury of having easy internet access has made our children more attached to their devices, and at an increasingly early age.

Children are innocent, desire independence, and are innately curious, and so they are most vulnerable to predators on the internet. Protecting our children and sensitive personal information can feel like an impossible task, so here are some useful tips to get you started, regardless of your child's age.



Internet Safety Tips for your Elementary Schooler

  • Talk to your children about safety and conduct on the internet. Explain your expectations and the consequences if they don’t meet your expectations
  • Be in the room with kids when they’re online. They’re less likely to curiously wander to an unsafe site.
  • Use Parental Controls and Child Safety apps like Net Nanny & Qustodio for extra protection
  • Set well-defined limits of web-enabled devices

Internet Safety Tips for your Middle Schooler

Internet Safety Tips for your High Schooler

  • Never give out personal information online
  • Talk about Importance of password protection
  • Friend and follow, but don’t stalk
  • Be a social media mentor

Are there any other guidelines your family uses to promote safety online? Share them with us in the comments!

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