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Christian Muhler

About Me

    • Position/Role at Machado Consulting

      Lead Systems Engineer

    • Websites I Frequent,, BBS News

    • Education

      Cornell University – BS Engineering Physics

    • Hometown

      Ringoes, NJ



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Outside Work

    • Places I've Been

      St. Kitts, Alaska, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, and all the north-east states.

    • Favorite TV Shows

      Metalocalypse, South Park, X-files, Big Bang Theory, and Walking Dead

    • Favorite Movies

      Death at a Funeral (British version), The Evil Dead Trilogy, Insidious, Office Space, The Exorcist, The Orphanage, The Matrix, Zombieland, Fight Club, and Ferngully.

    • Last Book I Read

      Horns by Joe Hill.


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Want to know more?

If you've made it this far, you must want to know more!
    • What's on my iPod

      Metal, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Classical, and Punk

    • If I could go anywhere, do anything for a month, I would

      Join Starfleet and explore the universe.

    • Favorite Sports Teams

      Globo-Gym Purple Cobras